Department History:

The department of biotechnology was established in 2000. The biotechnology course not only focuses on the technological ,computational and mathematical aspects of biosciences but also on the applications of the same with respect to industry and medicine. Modern biotechnology provide tremendous scope for developing new products and technologies which find promising applications in a wide variety of fields. Biotechnology as made significant advances in recent years and emerged as a frontline area of research and development, with an overwhelming impact on the society. Many of our students have excelled in higher studies in reputed Indian and foreign universities.

As a multidisciplinary applied science ,biotechnology is an amalgam of genetics ,Molecular biology, Recombinant DNA technology ,Biochemistry, Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, Cell biology ,Micro biology , Immunology, to name a few. It has a key role to play in the cutting edge research and Development industry, thus revolutionizing health care, food and agriculture sectors

Head of the Department

It is our pride and privilege to give you a snapshot of the activities of the Bio-Technology Department. The Department commenced its academic and scientific journey in the year 2000, and built up ambience and infrastructural facilities for effective academic and research activities over the period. Our students have excelled in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The faculty members engage in effective curriculum delivery and research on socially relevant projects. Most of our graduates get placed in MNC’s, the rest pursue higher studies in reputed institutes at home and abroad. Our graduates, spread all over the world, are the dynamic ambassadors of our performance!


To create a strong teaching base in the area of Bio-Technology through technical knowledge dissemination to the students, and to scale new heights in research by combining the concepts of professionalism, social justice, environmental impact and human ethics for the welfare of the general public.


Disseminate a blending of knowledge acquisition and its application in real-life situations to the students.

Equip the students to adapt to changing global and local needs through well designed curriculum and syllabus

Groom students to uphold professional ethics and develop leadership qualities.

Train students on issues related to social welfare.

People who choose biotech careers have several areas of specialization to choose from .A few options include.

Agricultural and food scientistAgricultural scientist

Animal scientist

Biochemist and biophysicist

Biomedical engineer


Food scientist and technologist


Creating new seedlines.

Develop new pharmaceutical drugs

Workers in the field of biotechnology are experts at the scientific method. They display exceptional critical thinking ,Problem solving and decision making skills and tools and technology learnt during study course


Begin with the right classes

start with Bachelor’s Degree

Get experiences

Pursue graduate studies

Stay up to date

Skeek out new opportunities in the field

Name Qualification Experience
B.LAVANYA M.Sc ,M.phil B.Ed 13 Years
E.RAJANI M.Sc., B.Ed 06 Years
R.JYOTHI M.Sc, 09 Years
K.NAGARANI M.Sc 06 Years
S.SPANDANA M.Sc 02 Years